Metaphysical Counselling

Is a form of assistance that is offered whereby I help you look at the relationship between body and mind in illness. It is based on the understanding of Methaphysics, and is defined as the spiritual nature of life. The purpose of the counselling is to allow you the client to discuss your problems with an objective and sympathetic listener and to gain perspective on them.  It is also to receive constructive advice which should also help you to gain clarity on your problems and issues.  Ultimately as the counsellor I will help empower you to solve your own problems.

Wellness Interventions 

I believe that everyone should be engaged in healthy living, and I would like to encourage and increase the number of people that engage in healthier behaviours, which can result in fewer illnesses, increased productivity, and reduced health care costs.

Wellness education is an important step in this process, and when people have the resources available, they become engaged in wellness activities to improve health and lifestyle behaviours.

Relationship Counselling

The most important relationship in your life is the one you have with yourself. Before we can truly appreciate and fully experience a relationship with another person we need to take the time to look internally at the relationship we have with ourselves.

The starting point for having a great relationship with anyone is mastering this all-important relationship.  Also, if you aren't making the progress in life that you would like to make and are capable of making, I'm certain that what we are going to discuss will show you why. So let's talk about your relationship with you!

Wholistic Cancer and Cancer Survivor Support

Connect with someone who has been there.

My name is Theresa and I'm a cancer survivor.  I was diagnosed with breast cancer 14 years ago.

This is counselling and support  with a difference in that I welcome and encourage all cancer survivors to come chat and share with me, become motivated, supported and inspired.  Whether you are going through cancer, a new survivor or long time survivor like myself (14 years)   our discussions will be informal, interactive, supportive and caring.

I believe it is important for us to support the person wholistically, which means that we support the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects and needs of the person. 

I  am also in favour of and encourage a natural and holistic approach to cancer support. There has been a shift from conventional medicine to alternative medicine and many people are embracing this new approach to treatment.  The reasons for this may vary from conventional treatments having harmful side effects to long-term complications stemming from treatment such as chemotherapy and radiation.  Albeit alternate medicine is a long and slow process, it can lead to a better quality of life. 

By embracing alternative therapies it empowers one by allowing them to take responsibility of their healing process and their life.  This eventually adds more value to a person’s life as they take charge of the choices they make with regards to their, health, wellness and wellbeing.

Many cancer survivors often still carry a lot of baggage long after their cancer journey is over.  There may be physical, emotional, mental, financial and relationship issues which may not have been dealt with.  Most cancer survivors often have unrealistic expectations about their lives after cancer, me included. They expect to bounce back to where they left off before the cancer and return to their normal lives but this is not always possible or the case.  Their bodies, minds and emotions have been through enormous challenges and they must give themselves time to heal and adjust, the time needed is different for every survivor.

As cancer survivors we have a wealth of knowledge and information we can share with one another.

For more information contact Theresa 082 699 8150 or