"Love Story"

Our 'Love Story' was a typical case of can't live with the other but can't live without them.  Through constant years of being together and then breaking up we were at a point of exhaustion. As healers and spiritual individuals we were using our energies to hurt and harm each other than to create a foundation built on love. After numerous days and months of internal conflict I shared my pain with Theresa in our therapy session. 

Through her loving, caring, guided support she steered me through my pain to the core of my truth. It was here that I got in touch with my immense and expansive love for Deon.  I had cried before, many times out of pain. But this was the second time I cried out of pure love. The first being when my nephew was born. 

Deon also decided to join the sessions as a couple and on his own. He began getting in touch with what he really wanted out of this relationship and out of life. It has been a remarkable journey that has changed our lives and our status from single to married.

Theresa is an incredible facilitator. Her work is purely guided by spirit and her gentle nature allows one to blossom and grow in her presence. A note to others, if you want to enrich your connection to your partner and/or get married, Theresa's session will help you work magic in your relationship. On the other hand if you never want to be married.... RUN! Lol... (Just kidding). As a person who was commitment phobic and never saw myself as married, I am rather pleased with being a Mrs.

Avanthi with some input from Deon :-)

United in body, mind and spirit

Theresa has a wonderful, warm yet professional way about her which puts you immediately at ease. She has the ability to engage one completely. Her treatments leave one feeling invigorated, cleansed. One has a feeling of total contentment  - united in body, mind and spirit.

It is always a long wait to get to my next appointment with Theresa. It is always an enlightening journey.- Julie Rathbone

Trauma of Broken Relationship to Woman of Value

My name is Brenda and I am here to tell my story of how through Antaneea Colour Therapy & EMF Balancing Technique with Theresa Ackerman I was able to heal, transform my life to the person I am today. My story is one from victim to person of value

Back in 2009 I ended a 5 year relationship which left me traumatised, embarrassed & scared to face the world. I was a victim of a professional conman.

I met Theresa and through many intense sessions & counselling this wonderful,  kind, gentle yet firm lady took me through my layers of hurt & pain right to my inner core where I found out that my hurt had begun from childhood and I carried it into my adult life. I was always the kind quiet person that could not say no and this led to people walking all over me and abusing my friendship & love. I learnt more about myself in these sessions and became stronger and could face the world and become a woman of value.  This was 6 years ago when I was 55. Now in my sixties, I am happy, have a new job, love travelling and have learnt to say no. I am gentle & kind to myself first and then I am ableto give of myself. I keep the 4 V’s as a mantra in my life today, No longer a victim, having a voice, being victorious & being of value to me and my fellow man. Keep it simple & keep it real.

Thank you Theresa for your love, care, understanding & support and teaching me to smile again at life.

Any challenges I face today – I handle as a stronger & calmer person and I have her to thank.

Life is good. Live it. No regrets. Have an attitude of gratitude. See the colours in your life & keep balance in your life.