RifeMedic is an Alternative Scientific Health Enhancement Device that works with frequencies, resonance, biological energy fields, as well as environmental and holographic aspects of the body and its environment.

Resonance Therapy has been used  to help the body overcome disease and injury. This form of therapy may relieve pain, stimulate the immune system and remove parasites and microbes of all kinds. It has even been said to cure cancer.

Resonance Therapy addresses the cause of many diseases rather than just the symptoms and it is one of very few therapies known to be free of any side effects.  RifeMedic/Resonance Therapy complements other therapies or treatments.   RifeMedic frequencies can be used to treat many conditions, such as: influenza, bronchitis, shingles, arthritis, cellulite, sport injuries and many other acute and chronic diseases. Not only are viruses and other pathogens destroyed, but damaged tissue is also detoxified and regenerated.  RifeMedic Therapy can therefore also be used to enhance general well-being and prevent illness.

Please note that we do not make any medical claims of any kind whatsoever. Neither do we imply that these modalities may replace any other kind of medication or other therapies prescribed by health care practitioners. We operate within the scope of our practice and of a natural health practitioner. Obviously, if you are sick, you need to consult a doctor, and should not rely solely on resonance or RifeMedic Therapy.