Why buy chemical-free cosmetics and personal care products?

Are you aware that there are over 10 500 harsh chemicals used in cosmetics and personal care products that contain toxic substances which can be harmful to your health and well-being? (source: National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health) 

Can you imagine what kind of impact these toxic and poisonous ingredients must have on your skin, your body and your health? Chemicals are readily absorbed into the bloodstream and can cause cancer and will damage the liver and kidneys causing serious health problems.

Our skin is the largest of our body’s organs and our first line of defense against harmful substances, toxins, infections, temperature and dehydration. Keeping our skin healthy keeps us healthy!

Sixty percent of what we put on our skin is absorbed into our blood stream. Most of the skin care products on the market today contain numerous synthetic and harmful ingredients. With these unnatural additives in our blood stream our body has to work hard to filter them out which in turn can weaken our bodies natural defense system. This strain on one of our major organs can have a snowball effect creating other conditions such as unsightly skin irritations (for example eczema), rashes, and debilitating allergies.

Many of the synthetic substances in main stream skin care have not been proven safe to use and have been linked to birth defects, breast cancer, liver damage, and hormonal imbalance. These toxic ingredients are by-products from the manufacturers of motor oil, petroleum products, insecticides, and worse!

What can you do to protect yourself and your family?  

Avoid using skin care products and cosmetics with these harmful ingredients! Check your labels for ingredients such as mineral oil (found in baby oil), petrolatum (Vaseline is pure petrolatum!), sodium lauryl sulphate, methylparaben, propylparaben, propylene glycol, and dibutyl phthalate, to name a few. 

I found checking labels daunting, not knowing what chemical ingredients to look for, which ingredients were good or bad for me.

As a cancer survivor I became more aware of not only what I was putting into my body by the way of food, but also what I was putting on my body be it skin care products, cosmetics and body products. I then made the decision to change to and use natural and organic body care products which are toxin-free.  By using products which are 100% natural, they contain oils and ingredients that are known to nourish, restore and strengthen your skin in order to help keep it healthy. When you use natural ingredients that work in harmony with your body you are sure to have healthy skin…and healthy skin is your first line of defense for a healthy body!

Change to and use natural body care products which are toxin-free.  You will also feel so much better about yourself and healthier as well if you use only chemical-free body care products.

As an integrative wellness therapist I promote the use of natural and organic skincare products and cosmetics to my clients and stock the following brands which are locally manufactured.

Esse is certified organic by Ecocert France. The key line items with the highest sales are certified and the entire range is manufactured in a certified organic facility. Esse is accredited by PhytoTrade Africa and supports the Fair Trade movement. This ensures that the raw materials that they use are sourced and purchased from local co-operatives to uplift and empower rural communities.

Esse uses wild sourced African plants that offer excellent free-radical protection. In addition the unique natural preservative system ensures the products are biodegradable and free of parabens, petrochemicals, synthetic fragrance and synthetic colourants. Their products are packaged in recycled glass. Esse is also accredited by Beauty Without Cruelty and registered with the Vegan Society.

I offer Esse organic and natural facials and stock the full range of the products.

Come and experience one of our wonderfully relaxing, nourishing and soothing facials.  Lie back and enjoy the experience,  knowing that only the most natural and purest of ingredients are being used to pamper and nurture your skin. 

Inthusiasm natural and organic make-up

From South Africa originates one of the most revolutionary natural beauty ranges……and the first South African Mineral Make-Up.

Inthusiasm – Containing naturally extracted minerals, the Inthusiasm range of products enhances your features while nourishing the skin. This is what makes Inthusiasm unique – it’s more than just a make-up. Moisturises the skin, protects from the sun, has soothing properties to protect it from drying.

Fully organic, these soft silky powders contain no animal products, synthetic chemicals or alcohol. With ingredients such as Palmitate, Zinc and trace amounts of Titanium Dioxide Manganese, Mica, and Boron, Inthusiasm blends with your unique body chemistry – creating a vibrant and healthy glow, leaving the skin soft and smooth. The use of mineral make-up is recommended by dermatologists.