Colour Therapy

Colour therapy can be used to treat a wide variety of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual problems and provides healing and support to the entire body.  It promotes health and well-being and can be safely used on infants, children, and the aged.  Because of its non-invasive nature it is also an excellent complementary form of treatment for people recovering from post-surgical trauma.

Our bodies are precise, wonderful instruments that we need to work with to keep in tune, harmony and balance.  By consciously using colour with every healing method we choose, we can help ourselves re-balance and resonate on a higher vibration.  Colour, touch and sound has the capacity to change the chemicals within our body.  Through the use of particular colours and sounds or sequence of sounds, we can achieve positive changes on every level of our being which also helps to bring us back into alignment.

Colour Therapy is a system of vibrational healing that uses colour to balance the body's energy systems to help relieve and prevent ill health. The body absorbs the healing energy of colour and each colour has its own resonance and healing properties.

Allow the magic of colour, touch and sound to bring balance and healing energy into your life!!

Antaneea Technique

Is a powerful bodywork therapy whereby a combination of coloured oils and gentle massage is used on the body. Our bodies store all the trauma and events we experience in our lives and this is stored at a cellular level, physically, mentally and emotionally.  The therapy helps you identify, get in touch with and release these physical and emotional blocks from your body.

Each session includes 3 massages where we work on the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of the body.  For each massage a selection of coloured oils are applied to the body and each coloured oil has been created to heal and support each part of the body it is applied to. The massage is performed on the back of the body, from head to toe. The colours support the physical body and helps bring emotional support to the client.

Three sessions are recommended to achieve the maximum benefit from this powerful treatment, and a minimum 2 week gap between each session. This allows the body to gently and fully integrate the healing and balancing which has taken place during the session.  

Chakra Balancing

Is a relaxing and nurturing back, neck, shoulder and head massage using 7 different coloured oils which when used on the 7 energy centres of the body will assist with the unblocking and balancing of these energy centres.  This treatment will leave you feeling utterly calm and stress free.